Lean2Pro -Clamshell Carry Case


Feature 1

The Lean2Pro portable dartboard stand and surround assembles in minutes and sets the dartboard to the correct height.

Stand board wall
Stand board light on

Feature 2

It is easy to assemble. There are only 9 components + the 4 Piece Velvet Surround. No tools required!

Lean2Pro Frame and 4 piece Surround

Feature 3

The stand and surround only weighs 3kg including plastic clamshell carry case!! Total packaged weight is 4.67kg

Lean2Pro plastic clamshell carry case
Front of Lean2Pro Packaging

Feature 4

The Lean2Pro is compact! All 13 components can fit into a regular large suitcase.

This awesome unique feature makes it suitable for airline travel. See here a size comparison with an 33L esky.


We have now designed a Nylon Carry Bag making it even easier for any sort of travel.

(Sold Separately or available in other Packages. See our store.)

Nylon Carry Bag carrying Lean2Pro
Nylon Bag in Suitcase
IMG 2080 scaled e1599026044906

(Suitable for the Lean2Pro and Complete LED Lighting Unit only. Bag will not fit a dartboard.)

Feature 5

When certain components are put to together there is no need for a tape measure as the stand itself can be used to mark the correct distance from the wall.

Special markings on the stand indicate where the throwing line will be. Also note white pads on the back of the stand to ensure no marks are left on your walls.

Stand apart scaled e1599137466401
Stand measure
oche mark

Extra Feature

(Sold Separately or available in other Packages. See our store.)

Stand board light on
Lean2Pro Frame with Lighting Pellet attached

The Complete LED Lighting Unit is an accessory to the Lean2Pro. Ideal for dimly lit rooms. The LED Light has three temperature colour settings. Perfect for players who prefer different lighting.

Light settings


Please note that a dartboard is not included with this purchase of a Lean2Pro.

Lean2Pro plastic clamshell carry case

The Lean2Pro comes with a 4 piece velvet surround. (Surround not sold separately) Packaged in a reusable plastic clamshell carry case.

See our store for packages. To include a Dartboard, the Complete LED Lighting Unit and or a Nylon Carry Bag.

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